NOTE: Old website only for historical reasons! Please visit: www.lorenzosu.net


Minimalist granular synthesis for tables (aka arrays) - files or live loop recording.

NEWS 12-Feb-2012: Granita is now Pd Vanilla compatible. With nome little improvements.
NEWS 29-Oct-2011: Granita is now on Gitorious: Check out the Granita repository or download the current granita.tar.gz
Granita requires Pd Vanilla only (with the latest version) See also README

*IMPORTANT* Linux: run Pd with -rt option (real-time) and set cpu to "performance" mode (e.g. CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor for GNOME or cpufreq-set command (usually as root))

Watch video: playing with granita

Granita granular synth for Pd - new version from Lorenzo Sutton on Vimeo.

Audio samples

Some small audio samples made with Granita

Playing with a male voice sample.

Female voice sample with some reverb game.

Granulating a sample in realtiine with the live recorder. Whistling.